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The Object & The Void: West Coast Metal Sculpture
February 17 - April 12


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"The steel and the space, or the object and the void, become one and the same."

   -Richard Serra


Press: The Object & The Void @ Bedford Gallery


The Object & the Void features four West Coast sculptors whose work reveals how both a sculpture and the void that surrounds it need one another to communicate ideas and concepts. The exhibition assembles sculpture and installations by renowned artists Bella Feldman, Linda Fleming, Clay Jensen, and Yoshitomo Saito. The artists work with metal media ranging from cast bronze to cut steel, to explore weight, balance, and how it can be used to portray a broad reach of visual imagery and ideas – including narrative, poetic, and abstract concepts.


Each of the exhibiting artists is well known for their masterful command of their media and inventive style. Clay Jensen forges austere structures in bronze inspired by his home state of Utah and the Bay Area’s dwindling urban environments. Linda Fleming and her “diagrams of thought” are colorful, patterned structures that suggest the presence of two realities existing at once. Yoshitomo Saito’s installation, 1000 Prayers, is a poignant installation of one thousand pine cones that comment on the series of natural disasters that have battered Japan in recent years. And Bella Feldman’s poetic work brings together metal, glass and found objects.


Bella Feldman • Oakland, CA
Linda Fleming • Benicia, CA
Clay Jensen • Oakland, CA
Yoshitomo Saito • Denver, CO