Rental Rates

Rates are based on a 3-hour time block. Availability is subject to gallery scheduling. A certificate of liability is required. Gallery and Learning Center must be left in the same condition as found. Catering services are limited to those approved by the Lesher Center. 


Bedford Gallery
Includes use of the Learning Center
1 Gallery Attendant
250 person maximum
(3 hour minimum)
$750.00 for 3 hours
$150.00/hour thereafter
(50+ guests requires 2 attendants)

Bedford Gallery
nonprofit rate

 $550.00 for 3 hours
Learning Center
1 Gallery Attendant
40 person maximum
$150.00 for 3 hours
$75.00/hour thereafter
Additional Services
Gallery Attendants
Technician Fee
(2 hour minimum)
Additional Equipment
LCD Projector/Screen
Cordless Mic/Sound System
Tables & Chairs (includes set up & breakdown)
(per event)
Photo Shoot

Staff Technician
Staff Security
(3 hour minimum)
$70.00/hour thereafter


Rental Restrictions: 
Our rental policy forbids decorations, food, or beverage that would endanger the works of art on display in the gallery. Restrictions on red wines or dark juices at curator's discretion; open-flame candles are not allowed. 

All tables must be at least 24" from free standing art and gallery walls. Gallery staff reserve the right to alter the table arrangement at any time. Artwork is to be moved by staff members only. An art handling fee may be charged for major changes in exhibition layout.