Anatomy of a Hot Rod

Nov 19, 2006 - Feb 11, 2007

The Anatomy of a Hot Rod

Nov 19, 2006 - Feb 11, 2007

The Bedford Gallery celebrates the rich and romantic history of hot rods with its exhibit, Anatomy of a Hot Rod. The exhibit will feature twelve hot rods, hand-picked by Phil Linhares, who in addition to being a hot rod owner and enthusiast, is the chief curator at the Oakland Museum of California. The goal of the exhibit is to not only explore the fascinating history of the hot rod, but to delve into the artistic qualities of each machine.

Bedford Gallery Curator Carrie Lederer comments,  “as in several past exhibitions, we are exploring design and its intimate relationship with art.  Every utilitarian object must be designed with functional values, but throughout human history aesthetic values have been equally prized.  From the shape of a headlight to the gleam of an engine, each hot rod in this exhibit exemplifies ideals of beauty and performance.”

Working with the Bedford, guest curator Phil Linhares has structured the exhibition as a “before” and “after” presentation, with showroom stock cars and their hot rodded versions. Gallery visitors will see the radical changes, as a stock car becomes a custom speed machine. The exhibition also includes hot rod history, personal stories by West Coast hot rod builders, and evocative photographs by David Perry and Peter Vincent, leaders in documenting this American movement.

The hot rods on display will range from contemporary, flashy models like the 1927 Model T Bonneville—bred to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Southern California—to more rudimentary designs, like the 1929 Model A Roadster Rat Rod that was discovered in Hanford, California, partially buried in sand and dirt. Bay Area collectors participating in the exhibition include: David DiFalco, Robert Golden, Robert LeDonne, Bob Rushing, Vern Tardel and Tom Walsh.

The Bedford gallery’s Art Site will feature Randy Hussong’s Modified—a site-specific installation about horsepower, transplants and the almighty motor.

Anatomy of a Hot Rod is sponsored by Diablo Regional Arts Association and Diablo Magazine