Carny Art: Contemporary Artists Exploring the Circus and Carnival

July 31 - Oct 7, 2007

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Carny Art:

Contemporary Artists at the Circus and Carnival

July 31 - Oct 7, 2007

In the middle of county and state fair season, Bedford Gallery celebrates the mystery and mythology of the circus and carnivals. Gaudy and exhilarating, both are holdovers from America’s rural past, attracting wide-eyed children and bemused adults alike. There will be artworks from the four corners of the country that evoke the whirl of the rides, the leer of the Tilt-A-Whirl operator, and the allure of the midway.

This visually spectacular exhibition includes work by New York based photographer Harvey Stein, Bay Area artists Linda Kramer, Norma Quintana, Rachel Jablo, Laura Mrakovcich, Sherry Karver and others. Plus neon by Crockett’s Bill Concannon; carnival backdrops by Florida’s Johnny Meah (the Czar of Bizarre); and a compelling documentary film by New Jersey artist Melanie Heinrich, whose family has been in the Carny business for thirty years.

Historical elements of coin-operated games, borrowed from Playland-Not-at-the-Beach in El Cerrito, colorful posters, and other paraphernalia re-create this indigenous art form in the Bedford Gallery’s unique space. The perfect show for families, visitors can experience the joy, excitement and dangers of carnival and circus life. A fun-filled Family Day will offer games, hands-on art projects and entertainment for all ages.

Exhibition Artists:

Victoria Carlson, Santa Fe, NM, Bill Concannon, Crockett, CA, Arthur Grace, Los Angeles, CA, Melanie Heinrich, Long Branch, NJ, Rachel Jablo, San Francisco, CA, Sherry Karver, Oakland, CA, Linda Kramer, Pleasant Hill, CA, Johnny Meah, Safety Harbor, FL, Leo Mora, El Cerrito, CA, Laura Mrakovcich, Dublin, CA, Greta Pratt, Ringwood, NJ, Norma Quintana, Napa, CA, Harvey Stein, New York, NY, Roger Vail, Watsonville, CA, Wendy Weincek, Sun Land, CA, Gale Zucker, Branford, CT


Rex Chase & Everett Stanley, Richard Tuck (Playland-Not-at-the-Beach), Kathi Mauser (Strates Shows, Inc.)