Civic Arts Ed 45th Anniversary

Dec 3 - Dec 21, 2008

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Civic Arts Education 45th Anniversary

Dec 3 - Dec 21, 2008

Civic Arts Education 45th Anniversary honors the artists in our region who have taught as part of Walnut Creek’s esteemed arts education program. The exhibition, which opens December 3, includes works by fifty artist/teachers in an extraordinary breadth of mediums and styles. The mix includes paintings from plein air to abstract; sculpture in ceramic, wood, glass, metal and mixed media; as well as photography, encaustic, textiles and jewelry.

The Civic Arts Education (CAE) program started in 1963 as a few classes in paintings and ceramics. Last year over 16,000 adults, youth and children enjoyed beginning through professional level classes and programs. CAE is the largest community-supported arts program in Northern California and has received recognition and support from the National Endowment for the arts and the California Arts Council, among others.

CAE Supervisor Kathy Nelson says, “This exhibition gives us the opportunity to recognize publicity and celebrate the faculty who create the program’s high quality. It also gives us the chance to acknowledge the art they make and see what they bring from their own personal work to their teaching.”

“The link between Bedford Gallery and CAE” states Bedford Curator Carrie Lederer, “is that we are both looking at art as a language, something that you do have to study and practice—and we’re both always looking for ways to examine what art is about, how we can learn and grow from it. Civic Arts Education introduces art to upcoming generation of artists, and they provide opportunities for people who are not professional artists but want art to be a prominent part of their daily lives.”