Full Deck: A Short History of Skate Art

Jul 5 - Sep 13, 2009

Full Deck:

A Short History of Skate Art

July 5 - Sept 13, 2009

Bedford Gallery’s exhibition Full Deck presents an anthology of skate art from the 1960’s to the present. Over 400 decks borrowed from artists, skaters, and companies from across the country, will be on display.

Bedford Curator Carrie Lederer states, “The eye-catching images on the bottom of a skateboard are one of the purest forms of self-expression: highly personal and mostly created without artistic boundaries—just like skateboarding itself.” Since the first graphic was drawn onto a board, the culture of skateboarding has grown hand-in-hand with visual arts. This exhibition will feature historic decks from several private collections, unique hand-painted decks, recent commercial boards, photography, painting, prints, sculpture, and video.

Full Deck will include elegant one-of-a-kind hand-stained decks by Skip Engblom, co-founder of Zepher Skate Shop and profiled in the Hollywood film Lords of Dogtown.  The show includes a collection of early boards, circa 1960, on loan from pro skater Sam Cunningham, and a broad range of now rare commercial decks (Element, Enjoi, Krooked, etc.) from the collection of Mark Whiteley, Editor of SLAP magazine in San Francisco. Jason Strubing, owner of Skateworks in Santa Cruz, Redwood City and San Ramon will also contribute a large selection of significant and historic decks from his collection.  Metro Skate (Pleasant Hill), StreetCorner Skate (San Francisco), and Thrasher magazine (San Francisco) will also participate. Corey Duffel and Holly Lyons, Walnut Creek pro skaters, will contribute selections from their collections and will also be present at the exhibition opening. A selection of skate photography by Bryce Kanights, Tobin Yelland and others will also be on view.

Artists Include:

Sandow Birk, Neil Blender, Todd Bratrud, Lori Sean Cliver, D., Skip Engblom, Jeremy Fish, Justin Forbes, Todd Francis, Mike Giant, Mark Gonzales, Keith Haring, Evan Hecox, Damien Hirst, Wes Humpston, Faye Jaime, Ian Johnson, V. Courtlandt Johnson, Bryce Kanights, Obi Kaufman, Natas Kaupas, Mike Kershnar, Krayola, Billy Kroft, Tom Ledin, John Lucero, Amanda Lynn, Chris Main, Gwen Manfrin, Marc McKee, Mike Miller, Marilyn Minter, Mofo, Johnny Mojo, Lance Mountain, Takashi Murakami, Don Pendleton, Jim Phillips, Jimbo Phillips, Pushead, Matt Ritchie, Jenny Schmid, Kirk Shelton, Chase Tafoya, Winston Tseng, Jake Watling, Derek Weisberg, Tobin Yelland, and many more

Lenders Include:

Mark Aviles, Andrew Caulfield, Sam Cunningham, Ken Davis, Marc D’Estout, Corey Duffel, Foundation, Nathan Larramendy, Ryan Maddox, Chris Main, Steven Muegge, Ann Trinca, Dan Worden, NHS/Cari Herod, Myche Howe, Skateworks, Jason Strubing, SLAP/Mark Whiteley,, Erik Olsen, StreetCornerSkate, Tony Vitello, Thrasher, Gwynn Vitello