Larger Than Life: Exploring Scale in Contemporary Art

June 2 - August 18, 2013

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 Larger than Life:

Exploring Scale in Contemporary Art

June 2 - August 18, 2013

The Bedford Gallery is pleased to share some big news:  this summer, we welcome an exhibition devoted to exploring the colossal and overstuffed in contemporary art. Larger than Life:  Exploring Scale in Contemporary Art will assemble a cast of renowned national artists whose work manipulates physical scale in innovative and groundbreaking ways. Sculpture has long played with its unique capacity for monumentality but in Larger than Life, contemporary artists are reimagining size in challenging and fun new ways.

Since the Egyptians, art has explored with the limits of its medium, stretching its size and scope to unfamiliar and unbelievable proportions. From the Great Sphinx of Giza, to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, artists have realized large-scale projects that have pushed the dimensions of their work with spectacular results. This exhibition will encourage viewers to reconsider the role that size plays in the creation – and appreciation – of art.   

Exhibiting artists include Tristin Lowe of Philadelphia, whose whimsical, inflatable sculptures have been exhibited at the Williams College Museum of Art and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Lowe’s work deftly blends humor and critique, transporting the viewer to a world of improbable size and surreal representation.  

 The exhibition will also feature the work of prominent artists Viola Frey and Chuck Close. Both Frey and Close make use of their pop sensibilities to rewrite the way we approach artwork. Frey uses bright colors and decorative accents to make the enormous scale of her ceramic work more intimate and accessible, while Chuck Close’s cropped portrait offers us an outsized yet intimate look at the larger-than-life personality of actor Brad Pitt.

Other artists in the show include Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor and Robb Putnam. Working with non-traditional sculptural materials such as sewn, crocheted, and collaged fabrics, O’Connor and Putnam craft creatures that combine human and animal traits—on a massive and surreal scale.

Participation Artist:

Chuck Close, Viola Frey, Tristin Lowe, Robb Putnam, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, Harry Siter, Michael Stutz, Clayton Thiel, and Tara Tucker