Local Voice 2008

Jun 29 - Aug 31, 2008

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 Local Voice 2008

June 29 - Aug 31, 2008

In an age when so many of us don’t know our neighbors, we may be surprised to learn the person next door, down the street, or in the next cubicle over is, in fact an artist. Local Voice: Defining Community Through Art highlights a small cross section of artists who live and work among us here in Contra Costa County. This juried exhibition is designed to open a dialogue between our local visual artists and our community, exploring what kind of art is being made in this area, by whom and why.

This exhibition offers an overview of the best and most compelling art, in all media and genres, being created by artists living in Contra Costa County. It is a mirror to provoke dialogue about a place both urban and rural, with great diversity, and an abundance of history and natural beauty. The show will be juried by Phil Linhares, Chief Curator at the Oakland Museum of California