Majestic Tapestries of Magnolia Editions: Woven Works by Contemporary Painters

Nov 30 - Jan 29, 2006

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Majestic Tapestries of Magnolia Editions:

Woven Works by Contemporary Painters

Nov 30, 2005 - Jan 29, 2006

This exhibition introduces the community to a contemporary interpretation of an ancient and beautiful art form.  After adorning cathedrals and castles for centuries, tapestries in modern times have become a rare sight, as their ancient, labor-intensive production has made them costly to create. Through advances in computer technology, however, master printers at Magnolia Editions have developed a system for digitally translating original works by

contemporary artists into tapestry form.  The tapestries, woven at small, family-owned mills in Belgium, bring forth the artists’ authentic marks with stunning detail and subtlety.

The Bedford exhibition will feature thirty Magnolia Editions tapestries, many of them as large as seven feet high by ten feet in length.  Works by nationally known artists The Art Guys, Squeak Carnwath, Chuck Close, Bruce Conner, Lia Cook, Lewis deSoto, Guy Diehl, Don & Era Farnsworth, Rupert Garcia, Leon Golub, Gus Heinze, Rob Keller, Robert Kushner, Hung Liu, Alan Magee, Dan McCleary, John Nava, Nancy Spero, Darren Waterston, Katherine Westerhout, and William Wiley will be on view.

Bedford Gallery Curator Carrie Lederer states, “each tapestry is an engaging, inspiring image, and many of them artfully blend personal and universal themes.  Squeak Carnwath’s Sorry World symbolically acknowledges world suffering with bright blue teardrops raining down onto a colorful globe.  For the artist, Sorry World is somber but hopeful.  The tears become rain that nurtures the globe, while the earth floats like a ship on an ocean of tears.”

Other tapestries of note include Philip Glass Tapestry, an extraordinary ten foot by thirteen foot black  

and white portrait of the composer by renowned New York painter Chuck Close.  Bruce Connor’s At the Head of the Stairs is a highly detailed line drawing that resembles an 18th Century etching.  Hung Liu’s Profile II, an elegant rendering of an old country Chinese woman, captures (in thread) the painter’s gestural, textured brushwork, as well as the nuances of her trademark washes of color.

As a group, these modern tapestries are warm and tactile, inviting viewers into closer contemplation of contemporary artworks. 

About Magnolia Editions:

Magnolia Editions is a fine art print studio in Oakland, California that provides artists with technical expertise and access to a variety of printing processes. For over two decades Magnolia Editions has worked closely with artists to produce and publish print multiples, unique artist's prints, works on paper and textiles, utilizing both traditional printing methods and the most advanced digital printing and Jacquard weaving techniques.

In the past decade, Magnolia Editions has also collaborated with artists on developing large-scale, public commissions. Working with the San Francisco Art Commission, Magnolia was actively involved in realizing works commissioned for the new international terminal at the San Francisco International Airport. Other public commissions in which Magnolia has played an active role include works for the San Francisco Superior Court Building, the Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco, the Homart Corporation in Glendale, California, the Cathedral of our Lady of Los Angeles and the San Jose Museum of Art.