See Jane Run: Contemporary Art about Childhood (and other cozy things)

April 30 - June 25, 2006

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See Jane Run:

Contemporary Art About Childhood (and other Cozy Things)

April 30 - June 25, 2006

This group show of twenty-six artists explores ideas about childhood utilizing memory, fantasy, experiences and dreams to capture the physical and psychological universe of childhood.  Many of the artists employ children’s imagery in their artwork—anime, cartoons, toys—to address how ordinary objects can be transformed into fantasy characters or used as a portal into an imaginary world.

The exhibition approaches the subject of childhood from several perspectives. Photographs by artist and parent Liséa Lyons portray her daughter in simple, fleeting “everyday” interpretations of home and place from a parent’s viewpoint. Marta Thoma’s gigantic sculptures of toddler’s dresses, constructed from transparent mesh screen, engages the viewer’s sympathy to a child’s physical place in the world. Other work stirs up personal memories or the borrowed memories of strangers. For example, the team of Davis & Davis scavenges abandoned toys, giving them new lives in miniature sets, acting out the make-believe dramas of their previous owners.

The artwork in See Jane Run is rich and multifaceted, and is embedded with stories that are amusing, engaging, poignant—sometimes even wacky, but always insightful.

Bedford Gallery Curator Carrie Lederer hopes that “the show will provide a portal for viewers into the freer imaginary world of a child and help them recall the beautiful strangeness of youth”.

The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, photography, video and mixed media by 26 artists.

Participating Artists Include:

Katherine Aoki, Robin Bernstein, Brigette Burns, Belinda Chlouber, Timothy Cummings, Ben Darby, Davis & Davis, Megan DeArmond, Jeremy Dickinson, Kim Dingle, Aida Gamez, Deborah Hamon, Lisa Kokin, Rachel Lachowicz, Keith Law, Liséa Lyons, Martin Mull, Aaron Plant, Lucy Puls, Jaime Scholnick, Marta Thoma, Josephine Taylor, Marie Van Elder, Laura Whipple and Yoram Wolberger.