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The World of Frida

July 8 - September 16

The World of Frida exhibition, on view during the Summer of 2018, celebrated the culture, style, and persona of visionary painter Frida Kahlo, an artist who continues to inspire with her story of love, adventure, and pain. The World of Frida garnered record breaking attendance and overwhelming community support, with over two thousand people in attendance during the opening celebrations, and almost twelve thousand visitors to the gallery during the length of the show. The World of Frida weaved juried and invitational shows that reference the artist with a national, traveling photography exhibit titled Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray that made a stop in Walnut Creek after traveling across North America. Hungarian-born Muray—who met Kahlo in a chance encounter in Mexico in 1931 and became her lover and friend—shot some of the most iconic color and black and white images of the artist that exist.Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray was organized by the Nickolas Muray Photo Archives and was circulated through GuestCurator Traveling Exhibitions.

Artwork included in the juried and invitational exhibitions featured Frida Kahlo as the subject as well as artworks inspired by her life and art, including themes of Frida’s garden, Mexican culture and fashion, vibrant colors, surrealism, and more. The juried exhibition included nearly 150 artworks selected by jurors Lisa Congdon, fine artist, illustrator and author; and Rebecca Gomez, Curator of Exhibitions and Programs at the Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, TX. 

Participating Artists:

Cheryl Abraham · Monica Andino · Kim Bagwill · Monica Balmelli · Karen Barry · Charles Barth · Kaethe Bealer · Mandy Behrens · Marie Bergstedt · Anita Beshirs · Juli Bignami · Donna Billick · Claudia Blanco · Elisa Bolanos · Celan Bouillet · Holly Brigham · Kerstin Bruchhaeuser · Jamie Burnside · Joyce Byrum · Alberto Carol · Denise Carson · Cheryl Chapman · Diane Che  · Ramona Cliff · Amanda Cobb · Lisa Congdon* · Valarie Corona · Denise Cortes · Julia Crane · Craft Maker Studio/ Rocio Sofia Ordonez* · Sarah Cuevas · Jessica Cuni · Sandra De Jaume · Marian De La Torre-Easthope · Dion Dion · Meredith Dittmar* · Olek & Michelle Dodson* · Razan Elbaba · Carlo Fantin · Don and Era Farnsworth*  · Annelise Fibæk · Ruth E. Fox · Francisco Franco · Rupert Garcia* · Diana Gaspar-Pena · Patti Goldstein · Emily Gonzales · Chitra Gopalakrishnan · Betsy Gorman · Debra Grall · Amanda Grazier · Simone Guimaraes · Vicki Gunter · Yhoshua Gutierrez · Don Hall · Catherine Hicks · Maya Holzman · Christine Aria Hostetler · Yan Inlow · Jeni Jenkins · Barbara Johansen Newman · Johnny Karwan · Annie Kevans* · Katie Kindelan · Sophie Kipner · Carlyn Krall · Peter Langenbach · Irene A. Lawson · Lujiang Li · Katie McCann · Alexis McKeown · Elspeth McLean · Julia McLeod · Cherine Mendoza · Kalen Meyer · Natasha Millard · Peter Moen · Crystal Moody · Atsuko Morita · Maria Motta · Nancy Mozelsio · Monica Nares · Adela Navarrette · Son of the Moon · Laurina Paperina* · Jazmine Parra · Chiara Passigli · Vivian Patton · Selene Perez* · Myra Pervez · Karen Provost · Janice Quiles-Reyes · Laura Raboff · Carlos Rangel · Irene Raspollini · Bonnie Rathjen · Kat Reilly · Tijuana Rick · Barbara Rivera · Marlene Robbins · Pedro Rodriguez · Michael Rohde · Joshua Roman · Grant Rosen · Amanda Rosenblatt · Justin Russo · Susana Sanchez · Heidi Schmidt · Michael Scoggins · Racheal Scotland · Martin Segobia · Misty Segura-Bowers · Jennifer Shada · Pearl Lee Short · Alison Silva · Juan Solis · Melissa Stanley · Staci Sterenberg · Melissa Stone · Clare Szydlowski · Shannon Taylor · Marco Terenziani · Netsanet Tesfay · Cindy Thompson · Josh Thurman · Reveca Torres · Tiffanie Turner · Gina Tuzzi · Anna Valdez* · Martin Francisco Valenzuela · Carlos Villez ·Roberto Voorbij · Renfei Wang · Nancy Webber · Lin Wei · Mimi Williams · Lorena Williams · Angel Wynn

ArtSite Space Installation: Frida’s Sewing Room by Alethea Ballard and Margaret Linderman with Nicole de Leon · Alethea Gard’ner · Janus Stob

*Invitational Artists

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