Unbound: A National Exhibition of Book Art

July 11 - Sep 19, 2010

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A National Exhibition of Book Art

July 11 - Sept 19, 2010

The Bedford Gallery originates this national survey of artists who make one-of-a-kind art books, as well as artists who disassemble pages, covers, and spines to create new two and three-dimensional works. The exhibition includes early art books from Ed Ruscha and Andy Warhol to the most current work of Sas Colby,  Lisa Kokin, Francesca Pastine, Maria Porges, Nancy Selvin, Richard Shaw and many more.

Regardless of the popularity of the electronic book, Kindle, iPad, etc., the traditional book form of paper between covers has a protected place in the hearts of readers. The book has been the body of human thought for many centuries and those who cherish the written word also cherish the book. Many artists in Unbound have produced books that are creatively hand-built and bound, while others have embraced the book as medium to repurpose its shape and content into meaningful objet d’art.

Exhibition curator Carrie Lederer states that, “Although the work in this show is extremely diverse, the artists all seem to be borrowing the intimacy and profundity of the book into their personal works. At times the objects might be barely recognizable as book parts, but they still provoke nostalgia for those portable, private companions we love to hold in our hands. Unbound includes artworks in every media from drawing, painting, and printmaking to ceramics, photography, and video.”

Artists include:

Kim Anno, Richard Baker, Kelly Ball, Cara Barer, Michael Bartalos, Tony Bellaver, Doug Beube, Squeak Carnwath, Macy Chadwick, Julie Chen, Sas Colby, Claire Dannenbaum, John DeMerritt, Carl Dern, Marie Dern, Lauren DiCioccio, Arián Dylan, Marcel Dzama, Daniel Gonzalez, Susannah Hays, Lisa Hasegawa, John Hersey, Charles Hobson, Lisa Kokin, Richard Lang, Hung Liu, David Mamet, Mary Marsh, Emily McVarish, Tucker Nichols, Abner Nolan, Catie O'Leary, Lisa Onstad, Francesca Pastine, Pamela Paulsrud, Nora Pauwels, Emily Payne, Stan Peterson, Nigel Poor, Maria Porges, Laura Raboff, Ehren Reed, Jim Rosenau, Luz Marina Ruiz, Ed Ruscha, Dickson Schneider, Ward Schumaker, Nancy Selvin, Tim Sharman, Richard Shaw, Helen Stanley, David Stein, Inez Storer, Travis Summerville, Erin Sweeney, Robert The, Peter & Donna Thomas, Andie Thrams, Jina Valentine, Andy Warhol, Allison Weiner, Gail Wight, William Wiley, Alison Yates