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2018 Bedford Gallery Donors

Diablo Regional Arts Association

The Lesher Foundation

Linda and Phil Anderson
Cowdery Family Charitable Fund
Jane Emanuel
Ken and Carol Fowler
Susanne Gibson and Juergen Sievers
Guttman Family Charitable Fund
Jong Ha
Jim and Linda Landau
Topper Lundbeck
Paul Renard
Jeffrey Rose
Pat Stull and Prudence Stavig
Ann and Tom Watrous

Pam Atkinson
Barbara and Walter Bell
Gail Brekke
Bob Brittain
Elizabeth Cayne
Ken Harman
Michael and Barbara Hoversen
Shannon Kirby
June Krug
Larry and Kathy McEwen
Olga Rotermund
Michael Simon
Stuart and Kim Weinstein Family Fund

Judy Ackerhalt
Maria and Nick Ageev
Gail Antokal
Susan Becker
Gil Berkeley
Donna Brookman
Alan Burckin and Carol Olmert
Rich and Sue Carlston
Fred Chen
Emily Colberg
Betsy Cotton
Holly and Graydon Eliot
Oscar J. Erickson
Wendy Ferrarri
Joanne Filippini
Luisa and William Hansen
Susan Helms
Susan Hinzie
David Kurtzman and Bunny Martin
Yvonne LaLanne
Jerry and Joy Leisure
Ann Merideth
Kat and Ben Mulkey
Jerry Mosher
Susan Neyer
Ed and Birgit Pearson
Claudia Quan
Jeff and Adrienne Rogers
Kevin and Michele Safine
Steve and Nancy Selvin
Robert Simmons and Judy Whelan
Linda Sonner
Suzy Wear
Muriel Wolfe 

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